Minnesota Cities Propose New Short-Term Rental Laws

Reviewed and updated 6/10/2020: Are you renting out your property in Minnesota without commercial insurance? If so, these new regulations could shut you down until you obtain adequate coverage. New Regulations Could Restrict Property Rentals in Minnesota Short-term rentals are very much like hotels in that guests book a stay for a certain period. When it comes to hotels, there are certain laws in place that protect both guests [...]

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New Airbnb Scam Could Lead to Home Robbery

A new scam on Airbnb has led to property owners losing thousands of dollars from thieves. Learn how you can protect your valuables and maintain a safe rental environment. Airbnb Robberies Increase Amid Profile Hacking Concerns If you’re renting a hotel room, you’d typically rely on business reviews and how many stars the hotel has before you pick a room. With Airbnb and other online rental platforms, users must [...]

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