Bethlehem Airbnb Rentals Now Require Registration

Property owners in Bethlehem are now required to register their home with the local government before they’re eligible to list it on rental sites like Airbnb and Vrbo. Under the new law, hosts are also required to undergo an annual home inspection and keep detailed records of rental periods. Among the ordinance includes limitations on rental durations (not more than 30 days) as well as the number of dwelling [...]

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New Report Accuses Airbnb of Ignoring Rental Problems

An article recently published on Independent has found that up to 5.6 million Airbnb stays have turned into problems for guests. According to the report, an analysis of rentals indicates a problem rate of “between 3 to 7 percent.” While the report looks at the issue from a guest standpoint, hosts should also pay attention to this data. The unfortunate truth of the matter is that if you’re in [...]

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Short Term Vacation Rental Regulations Loosen Up for Indianapolis

Reviewed and updated 7/21/2020: Until recently, the Indianapolis suburb of Carmel had strictly forbidden the use of second homes as short term rentals. In addition, restrictions for residents listing their primary homes on rental websites like Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO were firmly enforced. A newly proposed bill would heavily limit the authority of cities and counties to determine homeowner’s use of their property has been approved with a 73-19 vote by [...]

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Longmont Considering Short Term Vacation Rental Regulations

Reviewed and updated on 6/29/2020 As vacation rentals become more abundant in small tows, residents respond with mixed emotions to newly proposed town regulations. Currently, Longmont’s Land Development Code does not specifically deny or allow short term vacation rentals in it’s city limits. However, with short-term rentals on this rise, Longmont, Colorado is sure to see resistance and ordinance grow simultaneously within their neighborhoods. A Divided Town Operating a [...]

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Seattle Airbnb Laws Passed by City Council

The Seattle City Council passed a new set of regulations involving Airbnb that would effectively restrict property owners on the number of units they can rent out. According to the ordinance, property owners are permitted to rent out up to a maximum of 2 dwelling units. In addition, hosts are required to obtain licenses before they’re eligible to list their home for rent. The new changes were introduced in [...]

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Airbnb Home Insurance: When a Failure to Disclose Could Lead to Loss of Coverage

Have you disclosed your property rental business to your homeowner’s insurance? If not, you could lose coverage. The problem is that renting out your property is considered a business activity – something that most homeowner insurance plans refuse to cover. In fact, most homeowner insurance contracts have a section that threatens to terminate your coverage if you fail to disclose your rental activities. One Canadian family found this out [...]

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