Airbnb® Ordinance to Include Annual Renewal Process in Texas Short-Term Vacation Rental Communities – Hays County, Wimberley TX

After unanimously passing an ordinance aimed at shoe-horning out-of-compliance short term vacation rentals into compliance, dissension regarding an annual renewal clause has sparked fierce debate within Wimberley TX's vacation rental community. While solutions exist to insure the vacation rental properties, such as Proper Insurance® (click here to get a quote) council members share concern over medium and long term implantation of regulation: Council member Erik Wollam summarizes the debate: [...]

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Keep in touch with your short-term rental guests – and keep them coming back

You’ve had guests stay in your vacation rental property and they had a great experience. Now, it’s a year later and those same guests are thinking of coming back to your area on their next vacation. Will your short-term rental be their first choice for lodging on their trip? Or, if their friends or family are coming to stay in your city, will your guests recommend your property? Why [...]

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Are You Actually Protected? 5 Important Things Every Host Needs to Understand About the $1M Airbnb Host Guarantee.

Evian Gutman Evian is the Founder & CEO of Padlifter – the one-stop-shop for getting found more often, winning more bookings and making more money on Airbnb. He is the author of the best-selling book ‘The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide to Making Money on Airbnb’ and is an Airbnb Superhost that has hosted over 500 guests. Many short-term hosts using the Airbnb platform are familiar with Airbnb’s Host Protection Guarantee and think [...]

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New Rules for Bellingham: Developing Short-Term Rental Regulations in WA

The city of Bellingham, WA hopes to uphold two primary goals by enforcing its recent ordinance: to maintain stable housing while protecting the safety and rights of owners, neighbors, and guests. This ordinance requires that all short-term rental operators obtain a vacation rental permit and pay the corresponding fee. Along with the permit, each operator is limited to one short-term rental property in all residential areas and the dwelling must be [...]

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Airbnb® Dispute Over 1.8 Million Dollar Home in Flames

An investigative report stretching over 5 months was recently released by NBC Bay Area, highlighting the dangers of relying on Airbnb’s Host Guarantee insurance. The loss of a $1.8 million home in Sonoma, CA, burned to the ground by causes ‘unknown’ but likely stemming from short-term vacation rental guests booked though Airbnb, caused an uproar in the vacation rental community when Airbnb suspended the claim for 16 months before [...]

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What hospitality expectations do short-term rental guests have?

Short-term rental guests expect some of the basics when they’re staying at your rental property. Remember, you are competing with Hilton Hotels with your short term vacation rental - it makes sense that if your guests are traveling on vacation, they aren’t going to haul their kitchen items with them, or a set of extra sheets for the bed. But for those who opt not to stay in a [...]

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Buffalo, Amherst, Western New York, Nearing Consensus on Short-Term Airbnb® Rental Insurance Regulation

Weeks after being introduced to the Buffalo Common Council, an ordinance requiring short term vacation rentals to register with the City has the support of Councilmembers and Town Supervisors. Seen largely as a first step, this ordinance will require short term rental properties to pay a fee to the governing body, as well as maintain a local contact with the city in case of emergency.  The nearby town of [...]

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